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Last Updated 12/09/2014

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The bsaonbelay staff are a small group of highly trained volunteer BSA qualified climbing directors and instructors (Instructor Gallery)  that have come together from multiple Boy Scout Councils in Southern California and Utah to share our enthusiasm for safe climbing with scouts.  We offer a fun scout program with high standards of safety and updated equipment through a donation-based program. We are proud to announce that over 5000 Scouts have safely climbed under bsaonbelay instructors during the last 15 years. That's a lot of volunteer hours for the few of us who have the time to spare. So we ask that troops and crews have adults get training to become climbing instructors and offset the amount of bsaonbelay staff needed for your climbing outing.

Our Adult Leader Resources provides units with the information needed to organize a unit climbing outing and request bsaonbelay climbing instructors and equipment.  If you need more information or have any questions  E-mail Paul Espinoza: the bsaonbelay chairman at:

 We offer the Bsaonbelay Anchor Course  to adult leaders who wish to acquire an understanding of the components and safety systems used in setting top rope anchors, running program and simple rescues. It is our recommended preparation to the bsaonbelay apprenticeship program. It is also available to those who are already BSA climbing instructors and want more training in anchor setting, rescues or running larger programs. Our two day anchor courses are offered year round for those who can not make scheduled BSA climbing program dates. Bsaonbelay climbing instructors can sometimes fit training dates into your schedule and favorite climbing location.

Our goal is to offer adult leaders a proven apprenticeship program starting with our anchor course and then on the job training during bsaonbelay troop outings, giving real time experience in their quest to become BSA top rope climbing instructors or directors.  We extend an invitation to all current BSA Instructors and Instructors-in-Training to continue their training with us on bsaonbelay troop climbing outings or private training days.  We also do re-qualification for existing and out-of-date climbing instructors by allowing them to "show their stuff" during a climbing outing.  Contact us for available dates.  We want to provide scout instructors an opportunity to acquire ongoing training to "stay sharp" and competent.

Bsaonbelay extends an offer to our fellow BSA climbing instructors that lose a second BSA climbing instructor (BSA requires 2 climbing instructors per outing) to give us a call, we may be able to help.
Call: Paul Espinoza (951) 377-6456

We have rounded off our website with a resource guide of our helpful links; check it out in Cool Sites.

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