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Last Updated 09/03/2009

The CIEC High Adventure Climbing Team Presents
The CIEC Instructor in Training Apprenticeship Program

The CIEC climbing Instructor apprenticeship process in four parts is designed to train and quilafy instructor candidates with little or no climbing experience over a period of time to become  BSA Climbing Instructors. Training is based on BSA safety standards outlined in Climb On Safely, Topping Out, and Youth Protection.

  • The first step  is to take the CIEC 3-day Climbing Instructor & IIT Course to learn BSA guildlines, basic knowlege of rock climbing/rappelling, and the resources needed to become a BSA instructor.

  • The second step is to obtain training in how to set top rope anchors.  You can take a professional course; you can find a CIEC Climbing Instructor to train you one-on-one; or you can take the bsaonbelay 2-day anchor course.

  • The third step is to apprentice under a CIEC training Instructor or bsaonbelay staff for a minimum of 3 troop outings to practice setting anchors, running program, and learning all skills required of a BSA climbing instructor. Only then can your training instructor determine if you are ready to challenge the course or if you need more training.

  • The forth step,when your CIEC training instructor indicates you are ready, is to contact your CIEC climbing committee chairperson, Bob Swartzel, or Paul Espinoza to arrange an outing with 2 directors present to demonstrate your proficiency.

For more information contact Paul Espinoza.