Donna Shea (Shady)

CIEC Climbing  Director/Instructor


Donna has a strong background in high adventure activities since childhood when she began hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, skiing, and climbing anything she could find from trees to rocks.  The transition to technical rock climbing in 2000 was a natural progression.  She rock climbs in Southern California and the Pike's Peak area of Colorado and also ice climbs in Colorado and Alaska.  In 2001 she was asked to become a BSA rock climbing instructor to help train the HVSR tower camp staff and was recruited into the OBC HAT team.  She is the bsaonbelay Webmaster since 2001 and was instrumental in developing the Climbing Instructor Training Manuals and course curricula including Power Point Slide shows for HVSR and various HAT courses. 

BSA Activities

BSA NCS Climbing Director Instructor '03
BSA Climbing Director/Inspector Since '03
American Red Cross CPR/1st Aid/ Wilderness Aid
HVSR High Adventure Director '03 to 05
Designed/Implemented OBC HAT Equine Awareness
Designed/Implement HVSR Climbing Program '03
OBC/CIEC HAT Since '01
BSA Climbing Instructor Since '01 webmaster Since '01
American Red Cross Lifeguard/Swim Instructor 62-72

Other high adventure activities:

Winter Backpacking/Snowshoeing
Glacier Trekking
White Water Kayaking and Rafting
Horseback Riding/Ranching/Showing/Training
Skiing/Snow Boarding
Scuba Diving
Water Skiing
California Freeway Driving