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Last Updated 09/03/2009

The CIEC High Adventure Climbing Team presents...
The Climbing Instructor Qualification Course

The CIEC Climbing Instructor Qualification Course is designed to train instructor candidates with experience in BSA guidelines to ensure a safe climbing outing for scouts. Emphasis is placed on BSA safety standards outlined in Climb On Safely, Topping Out, and Youth Protection Guidelines.

The CIEC Climbing Instructor Course does NOT teach climbing and rappelling. This course is designed to qualify climbers with  experience in BSA protocol to conduct a climbing outing that is both safe and fun for scouts and their leaders.

If you already have a back round in top rope climbing/rappelling and wish to take on the responsibilities of becoming a BSA climbing instructor, this course teaches the BSA recommended procedures for organizing BSA climbing/rappelling activities at a natural site or tower. This course teaches safety techniques used to run a group outing, and is also a great place to make new contacts get the resourse materials needed as an instructor and try out the newest gear.

Course is 24 hours and encompass eight hours of indoor instruction, eight hours of outdoor instruction and 8 hours of outdoor testing.  

CIEC 2008 course:  
    Indoor October 11, 8:AM to 5:PM (Wanakik Council House, Riverside)

1st Aid/CPR October 14 8:00 to 5:00 For Candidates who need certification
Outdoor October 25 & 26, 8:AM to 5:PM (Joshua Tree Monument, Indian Cove)
    Those who cannot train on Sunday's may contact  course director for alternate Saturday  

                             If you have questions, e-mail Paul Espinoza.